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Where to Watch 'Autumn'?

Available in Blu-Ray


At the Austin Film Festival

World Premiere: Saturday, October 28th – 6:30pm at Galaxy Theatre
Second Screening: Monday, October 30th – 6:35pm at Rollins Theatre

In Cinemas in Portugal


UCI Cinemas Arrábida Shopping

UCI Cinemas El Corte Inglés

UCI Cinemas Ubbo

NOS Cinemas NorteShopping

NOS Cinemas Porto Alameda

NOS Cinemas Parque Nascente

NOS Cinemas Alvaláxia

NOS Cinemas Amoreiras

NOS Cinemas Colombo

NOS Cinemas Almada Fórum

NOS Cinemas Oeiras Parque

NOS Cinemas Braga Parque

NOS Cinemas Vila Real

NOS Cinemas Aveiro Glicínias

NOS Cinemas Viseu Fórum

NOS Cinemas Figueira Foz Plaza

NOS Cinemas Alma Shopping Coimbra

NOS Cinemas Torres Vedras

NOS Cinemas Faro - Fórum Algarve

NOS Cinemas Tavira Gran Plaza

NOS Cinemas Fórum Madeira

Cinema City Alegro / Alfragide

Cinema City Alvalade

Cinema City Leiria

Cineplace Loures

Cineplace 8ª Avenida

Cineplace Viana de Castelo

Cineplace Braga Nova Arcada

Cineplace Serra Shopping Covilhã

Cineplace Leiria

Cineplace Caldas da Rainha

Cineplace Guia Algarve Shopping

Cineplace Portimão

Cineplace Madeira Shopping

Cineplace Parque Atlântico

Algarcine Portimão

Algarcine Lagos

Algarcine S. Bartolomeu Messines

Casa do Cinema de Coimbra

Auditório Municipal de Baião

Special Cinema Sessions 2024

Cinemax Penafiel

Cine S. João

Auditório Municipal Manteigas

Auditório Municipal Portel

Centro Cultural Campo Maior

Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 15.51.35.png

When parents have kids, they sacrifice a lot of things for us, and then we just leave. They spend decades turning down their friends to spend time with their kids, they put aside their wildest dreams for secure jobs for their kids, and suddenly, we are gone. Just like that, the house becomes empty and parents need to change their priorities in life and face each other for the first time in many years. And on top of that, as a person going back home, you feel you’ve changed so much when you were away that you no longer are the person they remember and suddenly they too feel very different and the connection you once had starts to fade away.

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