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"You gotta leave home to find your way home"... A heartwarming family drama about growing up and growing old.

Although the Kickstarter campaign has already finished, you can still support in other ways...

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You can do a bank transfer using the following:

IBAN: PT50003504290005332820018
Name: António Sequeira
Bank: Caixa Geral De Depósitos

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We're the team behind "Autumn" / "A Minha Casinha" (🇵🇹) a kick-ass indie film that's going to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. But here's the deal, we need your help to get this gem into cinemas!

What is it about? You ask... Well, here's the Cannes-worthy synopsis:  

"In a small Portuguese town, a family's dynamic is thrown into turmoil when their son leaves to study in London. Focusing only on the school breaks when he comes back home (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn), we observe snapshots of a daughter’s coming of age, a father's mid-life crisis, a son’s emancipation and a mother learning to cope with an "empty nest”. 'Autumn’ is an intimate, heartwarming and nuanced portrayal of family relationships, offering a poignant reflection on how we all often struggle to grow up and grow old."

If this is too pretentious for you, then let me keep it real.  "Autumn" is all about those messy, heartfelt moments that remind us how hard it can be to spread our wings, grow as a family and face the wild ride of life. It’s the perfect movie to watch together on mother’s day, fathers day or just any day really.

And the good news is: The film is already in the can... Inspired by the production approach of the film 'Boyhood' (albeit in a smaller scale), we shot the film over one year, according to the seasons. This not only worked to visually punctuate the changing of the actual seasons, but also helped the cast experience the feelings that their characters felt of needing to reconnect after time apart.

This was a crazy risky endeavour, but we pulled it through. We did it all so that now the risk to invest would be tinier than a flea at a buffet for giants. 

I mean, recently, we even gave a little sneak peek to none other than the Portuguese Prime Minister... Can you believe it?

Prime Minister of Portugal watching Autumn

Also, as a work-in-progress, the film was selected as part of the "Goes to Cannes" section of the Marché du Film of the Festival of Cannes. And we were surprised by the overwhelmingly positive responsive from the industry people from all over the world. 

It seems it speaks to everyone, everywhere. Yes, the film is Portuguese. Yes, it is set in Portugal. But the story and its themes are really universal. "Who hasn't left home, ready to conquer the world... And then when they came back home, they couldn't find it anymore?"

Vasco da Gama bravely crossed the Cape of Storms to get to India.

Fernão de Magalhães bravely died for a chance to circumnavigate the world. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 'bravely' went to Saudi Arabia to earn over 200 millions per year.

Now, it's our time to 'bravely' travel the world in search of the 'noble' cause of releasing this film worldwide, so that you too can see it. You and Your Family... Wherever they are... 

Let's be honest. People need a bit of cheering up lately, since there has been three one-in-a-lifetime events every other Tuesday. 

And this might be the right film to bring a bit of joy into your life. 

But for that, we need YOUR HELP!

It ain't cheap making a little Portuguese film go Big! 

We made the film without much money, but we pulled it through on good faith until now. However, it seems good faith ain't enough any more. 

We want it to go to cinemas and/or streaming in your country! It could be the USA, UK, Germany, France, etc. Honestly, if we can raise the money for it, we’ll bring the film to the moon. 

But there’s posters, trailers, advertising, publicity, colour grading, sound design, sound mix, VFX, score, music licensing, legal fees, etc. 

The list is endless… That's why we cannot achieve our goal without your support, enthusiasm, and generosity. 

Without the money we are asking, the film will struggle to make it to the big screens worldwide. And we will be depriving the people of this world from seeing a film that might warm their hearts, in such cold times. 

If you don't want that to happen, help us out... With whatever you can! 

So, let's make magic happen together! Chip in what you can, spread the word like wildfire, and let's bring "Autumn" to the world.

Asking people to keep reading for Autumn Kickstarter


I know what you're thinking. "How can it be important? It's just a movie, after all?". 

Well, that's true.. But what movies do have is a SUPERPOWER to effect change, by bringing to light certain taboo issues to light and underrepresented voices to the forefront. 


That's where we come in. 

'Autumn' tackles the issue of the "empty nest syndrome". You know, when parents pour their hearts and souls into raising us, spend decades turning down their friends to spend time with their kids, put aside their wildest dreams for us, only to have us suddenly fly the coop and leave them with an empty house and a lot of adjusting to do. It's wild. Just like that, parents need to change their priorities in life and face each other for the first time in many years. And on top of that, as a person going back home, you feel you’ve changed so much when you were away that you no longer are the person they remember and suddenly they too feel very different... It's a real thing, yet, we don't usually talk about this, both on the big screen and in real-life. 

Our voice is a blend of our Portuguese, Ukrainian and British perspectives on this issue, while at the same time bringing to light the struggles of the often overlooked people from the countryside of Portugal. 

Sure, it may seem like a small issue in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes it's the little things that hit the hardest. And that's why we want to start a conversation about this.

So, join us on this journey. Let's break those taboos, amplify those voices, and make a real impact. Because, call us optimistic if you want, but we think that when it comes down to it, movies have the power to change hearts and minds, one frame at a time.

Still from the movie Autumn - Mother and son


The ship of 'Autumn' had a very big team rowing it to get to where it is now.  From executive producers, to production assistants, everyone was crucial. A Portuguese/British co-production between three companies (Movie Monkeys, Kurious Studios, Caracol Studios) means a lot of people. 

Here, we will be focusing on the two people at the helm of this ship: 

Antonio Sequeira & Anastasiia Vorotniuk

Antonio Sequeira young

Meet Antonio Sequeira - Writer/Director/Pseudo-Comedian/Ultimate Dreamer


At 9 years old, Antonio made his first film. Didn’t know how to write or direct, but he had a big dream… And that was enough.

Now, at 28, he hasn’t lost the dream but he has gained some screenwriting & directing skills throughout the years. He's even got some fancy titles like "award-winning" director under his belt, with films strutting their stuff at prestigious festivals like the Academy Award Qualifying 'Encounters Film Festival', ‘Short Shorts Film Festival’, ‘Camerimage’ among others. Oh, and let's not forget that while still a student at the London Film School, he directed the TV Series "Instaverse", for national broadcaster RTP, available now in their streaming platform. 

Anastasiia Vorotniuk young

Meet Anastasiia Vorotniuk - Cinematographer/Producer/Part-Time Philosopher


As a 5 year-old aspiring artist, Anastasiia liked to experiment with her casting choices, especially on her first play. After auditioning her mother, her sister, and her dog, Bonsai, she made a very bold choice… Bonsai's performance earned him his first Golden Bone.
Today, her actors on set look a bit more human. Yet, she still likes to experiment with storytelling and the visual aspect of cinema. As an experienced Cinematographer, she not only brings light but also smiles to every set she graces with her presence. A graduate of the London Film School, she has studied and practiced a wide variety of subjects ranging from Acting, to Philosophy, to Photography and Dancing making her a very volatile filmmaker and a walking explosion of artistic brilliance. 

So, there you have it—two mad geniuses and a group of seasoned producers with a passion for filmmaking and knack for quirkiness. They've come a long way, and now they're here, begging for your moolah.

Anastasiia Vorotniuk and Antonio Sequeira on set


In front of the camera now, we share the talented actors that you will see in the big screen, if you help us. 

Main cast of 'Autumn' - Beatriz Frazão, Elsa Velentim, Miguel Frazão, Salvador Gil

Beatriz Frazão plays the daughter on the verge of womanhood. She is one of the most promising young talents in Portugal, having won a Golden Globe at the age of 13. 

Elsa Valentim plays the mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She has worked in over 50 films and TV shows since 1989, both in Portugal and in France.  

Miguel Frazão plays the father on the verge of an emotional crisis that challenges him to question himself. He has worked both as an actor and stunt double extensively over the years. Fun fact: He is the real-life father of Beatriz Frazão.

Salvador Gil plays the son that left home and put everyone on the verge. For him, only one word can describe his feelings: "Saudade" (Google it). Also a promising young actor, his films have been selected to prestigious festivals like "Venice International Film Festival".


Sara Barradas plays a younger version of the mother.

Ricardo de Sá plays a younger version of the father. 

Krupa Givane plays the son's girlfriend that shakes things up when he brings her home. 

Supporting Cast of 'Autumn' - Ricardo de Sá, Sara Barradas, Krupa Givane
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Spread the word!

We know times are tough and wallets are empty, but there's still other ways you can help.

Do you have rich uncles? Any deep-pocketed mother-in-law? An eccentric millionaire that visits you every Thanksgiving? A distant cousin who won the lottery once? Or do you know anyone who might be interested in helping? Tell them!

Share this page with your friends... Send them the link to this campaign. 

Share it in your instagram, facebook, Tik Tok, Tik Tak, Tuk Tuk, any funky platform you can think of. Don't hold back! It won't cost you a single penny, just a few taps of that finger.

So, let's make some noise, people! Shout it from the rooftops, write it on a sky banner, hire a fleet of carrier pigeons if you have to. 

Together, we can create a buzz that even the bees would envy. So, join our crusade to make "Autumn" a reality and help us conquer the film world, one share at a time. 

The future of "Autumn" depends on YOU! Let's do this!

Let's make this little Portuguese film go BIG!

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